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Bliggedy Blog

Bliggedy Blog

The Journey~ Five Seasons of Growth

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 2:35 PM

April 2012- The best worst thing that ever happened to me. What was lost? The stability of a salary and benefits. What was gained? An opportunity to devote the time, energy, effort, resources and enthusiasm towards my own vision and passion.

Perhaps stepping beyond one's comfort zone and stable livelihood boundaries comes effortlessly to some; but to others, it takes some concerted effort. It takes try and try again...and again and again. It takes gumption and want to, and SO much work!!!

It takes countless prototypes of a variety of materials, multiple medias, methods, and trials. Plant trials and watering trials. Indoor trials and outdoor trials. Sun trials, shade trials, and continuous evaluation through the seasons. Did I mention work??

It takes loading and unloading, setting up and breaking down. Driving hundreds of miles for shows and priceless opportunities afforded by those who believe in you.

It takes heart. Passion. Effort. COLLABORATION. Networking. Believing. Believing. Believing. Trust. Accepting guidance. Accepting help. Accepting support. More believing. Your entire 401k. More Passion. Cultivation. Growing and growing and growing... and growing. Nurturing Roots, shoots, and fruits. Being grateful. Giving. Receiving. Infinite Possibility. Timing. Follow through. Vision. Dreams*

It takes being yourself and being vulnerable. It takes starting at the beginning. It takes authenticity and confidence. It takes exploring alternative dimensions...ok, just the 3rd dimension...VERTICAL!!!***

It takes a smattering of creativity, which, really, is stepping aside and allowing the beauty of the world unfold before you.

It takes time!!!! Time to gather materials. Time to design. Time to plant. Time to photograph. Time to learn. Time to edit. Time to write bloggedy blog blogs!! Time to post.Time to rest...rarely. Time to gain momentum- more time than you thought. Time to be sure you're not so busy that you miss the goings-on-around-you!! Time to play!! Time for yourself.

It takes being grateful for the food in your belly, the roof over your head, the potable water coming from your faucet, the car in your driveway, and ...every piece that comes together to make the whole.

And so much love that no matter what, you are enjoying your journey through the seasons.

Many blessings**


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