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Bliggedy Blog

Bliggedy Blog why ".us"?

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 11:25 PM

As most of us know in creating a new url for a website, the most common suffix is .com. A very cleverly named New Zealand nursery was fortunate to have already nabbed .com, and at the time of creating our website, there were a number of alternatives to choose from.

It was decided .us was the most fitting. As you may or may not know, many other countries have an associated suffix for the Internet, for example, .ca for Canada, or .fr for France.

So we were delighted that .us was an option, for two reasons: we just happen to be located in a lovely country most often abbreviated with these two letters, but more appealing was the double meaning it carried. Us, as in we, or more than one.

Coming from a background of strong community and the business model intention of sharing and collaborating, it seemed appropriate to create the website url supporting the essence of what we think is important-working together for the common goal and the common good. US* Perfect! Decided! Proud new participants of one of the most powerful tools of our time for touching and reaching out into the world around us :

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